Noe Noe Kyaw – Scholarship Holder 2016/17
(Public Health)

Year of Birth 1990

2013 Degree in Dentistry, University of Yangon (Myanmar).

2013 – 2016 Working as a dentist at Mettamon Dental Clinic.

2016 – 2017 Scholarship Mahidol University, Bangkok (Thailand)

And how has your career progressed since the scholarship? Dr. Noe Noe Kyaw first worked as a volunteer in a clinic for one year and in parallel in a private dental clinic. She then had to give up her employment with the Catholic Health Commission for health reasons. She is now involved in health education in her village and works part-time in a private dental clinic.


“If I had a chance, I would also help refugees in border areas who lack education, income and health awareness.” Noe Noe Kyaw

About me

My name is Noe Noe Kyaw. I come from Yangon, Myanmar. My parents are U San Myint Kyaw and Daw Nwe Ni Hla. I passed the matriculation examination in 2006 with four distinctions at No (1) Basic Education School (Insein, Yangon). I then studied at the University of Dental Medicine, Yangon, to become a dentist. , From January to June 2012, I interned at the 50-bed teaching hospitals in Thingangyun, Yangon, and Sanpya General Hospital. I received my diploma in dental medicine in March 2013.

My ideas and visions

To promote the health system of our country, because Myanmar is still a developing country and should improve the health care of the country.

To help poor people, especially in rural areas where there is a lack of health education, adequate medical treatment, enough doctors and sufficient funds for health care.

As a young Catholic, I also want to support the Catholic community by volunteering as a professional health care expert.

In order to prevent the spread of dental and oral diseases especially oral cancer in Myanmar, I want to help impart knowledge about dental and oral health.

I want to share my knowledge and experience with my colleagues and other health care professionals to support our country’s efforts to improve the health care system.

If I had a chance, I would also help the refugees in the border areas who lack education, income and health awareness.

Dental and medical experience

I had various assignments in the clinical departments of the University of Dentistry, Yangon and the 50-bed teaching hospital, Thingangyun from 2009 to 2012. This was my first job as a dentist.

In addition to various dental procedures, I gained experience in teamwork, time management, community health care, and also learned team leadership skills.

Immediately after graduation, I began working as a dental assistant at Mettamon Dental Clinic in May 2013. Here I assisted my mentor Dr. U Myo Mya and learned from his example and experience.

In addition, I am now working as a volunteer dentist at Myat Kutho Catholic Hospital, Insein, Yangon. I would like to support the Catholic Church as much as possible with my volunteer work. I am very proud to be involved in health promotion programs for the Catholic community.

I am also an observer in the dental, oral and maxillofacial clinic. Here I learn more about the specific surgical treatment of oral cancer and jaw injuries. I was surprised to learn that many people suffer from oral cancer. Since most people live in rural areas with little health education, the cancer is diagnosed at a late stage. Even city dwellers are unaware of the cancer risk that comes from chewing betel pulps and smoking daily.

So I realized that we need to develop more specific health education programs – urban and rural. In our country, the number of oral cancer sufferers is steadily increasing. This is an indicator of the poor state of the health system in our country and highlights the need for more public health experts and effective health education programmes.

Therefore, I am willing to contribute to the promotion of effective health care in our society through education in public health.

I also volunteered as a dentist at Yangon General Hospital in 2015… There I saw a large number of patients who had terrible dental problems that could be prevented with better health care. Since then, I have decided to become an expert in the field of public health.

Fortunately, I met a fellow believer who works as a manager in a reputable non-governmental organization… Based on our conversations, I decided to pursue a Master’s in Public Health.

I therefore started looking for a university where I could get a recognised degree in the subject. Experienced colleagues have recommended Mahidol University in Bangkok to me. Receiving systematic training in public health there is important for my future work in the field of public health, to contribute to the formation of administrative structures that fit today’s Myanmar. I will then be able to contribute creatively to the reform of the existing public health system in Myanmar.

However, I could not afford to apply to Mahidol because a good education comes with high tuition fees. When I was about to give up, I heard about the Bettina Kattermann Foundation scholarship program (in cooperation with KAAD) from Germany. I tried to take advantage of this opportunity and applied for the scholarship.

Fortunately, I was selected as one of the scholarship recipients for 2016. I am very grateful to have been considered and selected for the scholarship.

Now I am preparing to join the Master of Public Health International Program at Mahidol University, Thailand, with the support of the Bettina Kattermann Foundation / KAAD.

With warm gratitude,

Noe Noe Kyaw



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