10 reasons for your donation

10 reasons why your endowment or donation is important for our work and could be just right for you

  1. Deficient medical care in Myanmar
    Myanmar is one of the countries with the lowest health expenditure in the world.
  2. Illness as a poverty trap
    Illness represents a high risk of poverty in Myanmar: the sick are not only affected by the hardship of their illness, but also by the associated follow-up costs (transport / medicine / loss of working hours…).
  3. Support with high efficiency
    Your donation / endowment is systemically effective on four levels:
    Promotion at individual, family, local and national levels.
  4. Promoting social balance
    Your donation also enables disadvantaged families to ensure that their children receive a first-class education.
  5. Qualification against unemployment
    Paradoxically, due to the low government health budget in Myanmar, many doctors are unemployed. With their qualification, physicians improve their professional opportunities.
  6. help for self-help
    Your donation / sub-foundation means empowerment: After the sponsorship, the sponsored persons are quickly independent of “western donors” and in this way they can contribute to their society with self-confidence.
  7. Donation= 99% project funding
    99% of your donation goes to our scholarship holders. We as well as our cooperation partners work on a voluntary basis. We only pay a small flat fee for the fiduciary administration of the foundation. There will be no deductions for service providers or on-site supervisors. In this way, annual foundation expenditures remain below 1% of the foundation’s assets.
  8. Transparency
    Transparency is important to us, which is why we are happy to send you our annual cost statements and financial reports on request.
  9. Your personal way of supporting
    You have many choices to support us financially: with small or large amounts, one-time or recurring, into the Consumable Endowment or the Eternal Endowment. For more information, see Donations.
  10. Doing good and talking about it
    All benefactors and donors will be named on our website upon request.

    Finances, however, only form the framework of our work.
    The heart of the foundation is people!
    That’s why we’d love for you to tell others about us and make potential future supporters aware of our work.

“In order to prevent the spread of dental and oral diseases especially oral cancer in Myanmar, I want to help spread knowledge about dental and oral health.”

Dr. Noe Noe Kyaw

Scholarship Holder 2016/17


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