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Commemorating the physician Dr. Bettina Kattermann (1961-2012), who practiced in Sittwe, Myanmar, from 1998-2001, the scholarship program of the Bettina Kattermann Foundation supports young academics in their efforts to contribute to the improvement of the medical and public health sector in Myanmar. Therefore, the Kattermann Foundation addresses young Myanmarese health professionals who wish to pursue a master degree at Mahidol University, Thailand, or, in exceptional cases, at a renowned university in Myanmar. The scholarship covers tuition fees, possible flight costs, and living expenses during the study programme.


  • You are encouraged to apply, if you have graduated in the medical or public health sector and would like to pursue postgraduate studies at a master level at Mahidol University, Thailand. We are also open to fund postgraduate studies at other universities, especially in Myanmar.
  • Scholarships of the Kattermann Foundation are explicitely open to members of all faiths.
  • We are especially interested in supporting less advantaged students in their professional career.
  • Personal integrity and awareness for social issues are core qualities in the students we sponsor.

Academic Requirements

You have to be qualified to enrol in the respective Master program. In general, you will need:

1. Bachelor Degree: in the discipline being considered, with distinguished qualifications for the intended field of study

2. English Language Certificate: You need a good command of English. This has to be proven by the International English Language Testing System.

3. Acceptance Letter: With 1. and 2. as prerequisites, you should aim to receive an acceptance letter from Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand, for the desired M.A. program.

4. Evaluation of Prospect of Success: It is desirable to have an evaluation of the applicant’s educational record from the respective office at Mahidol University or a medical university in Myanmar that shows that the applicant is qualified for the intended study program.

Please make sure that you have your B.A. and English certificates as well as your acceptance letter ready at the time of application with the Kattermann Foundation.

Personal Requirements

1. Motivation Letter: Your motivation letter is crucial for us to decide about your personal qualifications. While a recommendation by your academic supervisor is of help for us to learn about your professional qualifications, we also value your moral character, your personal integrity and social engagement. We would like to learn about your ability and willingness to cope with the physical and mental stress that is connected with staying in a foreign country and in how far you can contribute to your home-country after returning from Thailand.

2. Academic Recommendations: We need two recommendation letters from your academic supervisors or other academics in your field.

3. Reference Letter on Social Engagement: We also request you to send us a reference letter from a social institution or faith community regarding your personal convictions and your active engagement in your community or its social institutions.

Procedure for Application and Application Deadline

1. Interested applicants should contact KAAD via and write to Dr. Anselm Feldmann ( You also can contact the representative of KAAD in Myanmar for further information at Please provide details about your specific situation and mention that you are interested in a Kattermann Scholarship.

2. The final application has to reach Dr. Feldmann at KAAD-Bonn (Haussdorfstr. 151, 53129 Bonn; on January 15th latest. KAAD is in close cooperation with its partner committees and we jointly care about your application. Only complete applications will be considered. Applications can be handed in by postal mail or via PDF. In the latter case, we will ensure the authenticity of your documents personally.

3. The selection committee of KAAD and the Kattermann Foundation asks for further expert reports and comes to a decision in March. All candidates are contacted personally by email within about three months after the application deadline about the outcome of the selection process.

4. We strongly wish to encourage our scholarship applicants to simultaneously apply for other endorsing scholarships, e.g. those fostered by The Mahidol University itself. By this, you can help reduce our scholarship costs which will in turn benefit future applicants. If you have questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Service Clause

This scholarship programme supports young academics mainly in order to assist their home country in its effort to improve the medical sector and the quality of life. It is, therefore, part of the agreement that the grantee returns to the home country and renders service, preferable to the endorsing institution, according to its own guidelines. Should the grantee be unable to return to the home country after the completion of scholarship, the cost of the grant and any additional aid must be repaid in full to Kattermann Foundation.

Application Checklist

1. Motivation letter
2. Complete curriculum vitae
3. Reference letter on social engagement
4. Two academic recommendations
References and recommendations are hand-signed letters which have to be issued on official letterhead paper of the respective institution and are authenticated by a institutional seal.
5. Admission from Mahidol university or, in exceptional cases, from a renowned university in Myanmar.
6. Authenticated copies of the high school, college and university diplomas
7. Authenticated copies of the transcripts of records
8. English language certificate
9. KAAD application form
10. Evaluation of prospect of success (not obligatory)
11. Copy of the income tax-return or of any other certificate indicating the income situation of the applicant.
12. A medical health certificate, which confirms that there are no physical and mental restrictions on admission to studies (If already obtained in the course of admission for Mahidol University, this test is sufficient).
13. One passport picture.

„It was my dream to study public health at Mahidol which is one of the top universities in Asia, and now my dream comes true.“ 

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